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Found an old armor concept while looking through my files. If anyone's interested, flash it pls. Also made note of a tiara because i feel that would complete it ;3

  • 73 days ago via site
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Sorry for not clearing it up at the end and the dodgy picture but here's the drawing I did of 's character.

  • 307 days ago via site
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The hair from the other day ;-;

  • 316 days ago via site
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Wanted to make something on Flash again,but got bored pretty quickly. Well started making an AQW armor and ended up with this.

  • 345 days ago via site
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Haven't done art in a while,so I made a spear. Inspired my 's artwork.

  • 372 days ago via site
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Changed my personal around a bit.Added Pete among other things.

  • 405 days ago via site
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I sketch I did some time ago for art class. It is a piece from Alex Binne that I drew.

Here is my Beast Master Blade. Enjoy! I searched online for a wolf head as reference as I'm not good with wolf heads.

  • 408 days ago via site
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Line-Art for the Beast-Master Blade. I used a picture of a wolf head as reference as I can't draw wolf heads. :|

  • 410 days ago via site
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(incomplete) Hydra head and cape concept work in progress.Possibly a re-vamp of AQW hydra? Not sure as to how I can shade it yet.

  • 413 days ago via site
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Remade my personal on a new template and made some changes.Please comment and maybe retweet?

  • 432 days ago via site
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I've started making weapons now and I'm quicker at flashing stuff,so here's the Sacrificial Ram Blade(A short blade/dagger).A tool used by tribes to kill their fellow members as a sacrifice for the deities.

  • 445 days ago via site
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New Weapon. Blade of Sakura-an incredibly swift weapon that can slice a mountain in half.RT and comment please? :D

  • 446 days ago via site
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Lol,redrew my char.This guy's a black blood user(he can use his blood as a wep),a dragon tamer,a powerful Mage....

Just playing with colors. Lol. Quick sketch.

Quick weapon concept. Anyone is free to flash it. Vampiric Doom Blade.

  • 460 days ago via site
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Line-Art almost complete. W.I.P

  • 464 days ago via site
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Dual Raven Busters.Had a concept like this in mind for a while now and I think it turned out good.Thoughts?

  • 464 days ago via site
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So,here's a deer head that I've made. *.*

  • 465 days ago via site
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MEET THE FIEND ZION FAMILY! Here is all of the armors I've done thus far. Enjoy!

  • 481 days ago via site
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