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Noted 17th Century witch catcher, rather a handy fourth at bridge if push comes to shove and can tell claret from a beaujolais. Cardigan wearer. Not a dead poet

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I do wonder what cartoon Kellogg is contemplating with regards to his corn, I'm sure a cereal wasn't his first thought

Big yellow lorry transporting mummies maybe?

Waited all year for this movie, finally.......

Realised I'd forgotten to flip over to November on my movie poster calendar, so what a nice surprise.

Nothing sadder than a truly crap municipal fountain

The King of the Rocketmen picking up his groceries?

Up up and away in Chez Jay, my pal pops up all over the place.

my fairy godfather finally makes himself known somewhere in Westwood.

Things that aren't mine but should be no. 34 in a series of 101

Detritus found on tube train, obviously some kind of alien mind control device.

Returned home to discover the arrival of what is either a sky blue portaloo or a tardis with a sense of humour

just rec'd a mysterious brown paper parcel from Mr Wong of Hong Kong seems my life has become a 1930's detective serial

I don't stand a goat of a chance.

Latest addition to my notice board reflects my love of horses, Stan & Ollie and big ol' grand pianos

Who'll be minding the store in Gotham while he's playing at being Jean Michel Jarre?

I must admit that Reebok shoes didn't feature in my first impressions about this Eva Padberg advert on the underground.

A pot of gnat's piss attempting to pass itself off as a cup of tea.

An odd selection for a celebrity scent, it didn't smell of bow wax however

rec'd an email from a novelty soap firm, most run the gamut between quaint and amusing, but these just scare me

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Nothing breaks up the grey grimy suburban sadness like the maddening yellow of Vincent's favourite bloom.

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