Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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5,125/15Kss $300 NL; and I just won a pot w/out showdown in 100/200 lvl to get here.

7.8K/15Kss $300 NL ($75K Gtd). Put myself in a weird spot w/ AcKc on the button vs ninety limpers.

B Flight

16.6K/ UTG 8-handed w/ 15 min left in 600/75 lvl $300 NL ($75K Gtd). Got balanced to 's tbl

19.5K/15Kss $300 NL ($75K Gtd). 9 min left 500/50, this + 3 more lvls left to reg Flight A. B at 4pm

17K/15Kss $300 NL ($75K Gtd). 30 mins of 500/50 just started.

19.1K/15Kss $300 NL ($75K Gtd). 21 mins of 300/25 left. 95 entrants so far, two flights today.

26K/12.5Kss early in $150 PLO ($10K Gtd). 25 mins of /500 BB lvl just started. Reg closes ~2hrs

#TireIron, river the two-out to save nine points. (cc: )

16,250/12.5Kss $150 NL ($15K Gtd). 25 min of 300/25 just started. ~85 runners so far.

$440/$200 $1/$2 PLO/8 ($200 min $500 max) w/ #OutOfControlEd. Best 5-handed game in tri-state area.

20K/33K on break, come back to /6K lim

45K/27K $150 OE - 28(76) plrs left |9pd|. 15 min 2K/4K lim left (300a 500b). $3.2K UT w/ #Overlay

37.5K/10Kss $150 OE. Guessing we come back to /2.4K lim or /3K lim. 30 min #DinnerBreak now

Late-reg'd the $100 shit show w/ 20 bigs first hand of 1K/100. 62K/20Kss 13 mins later.

#CashOut $1,212/$150 $1/$2 NL. Lost my mind a bit late in sesh then played a $1K+ 3b pot KK > JJ

$1,140/$150 $1/$2 NL, found a call for $160~>$135 HUFTA 6c5c > As5s / KcQsJc 9s Ac. Table's nutzo

$926/$150 $1/$2 NL - and just joined us after cashing in the #BitchesEvent.

I'd rather be #ITM in the $1,090 playing for $54K to 1st, but $813/$150 $1/$2 NL'll have to do for now