Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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368K/175K UTG #ITM 18(210) left $75K Gtd.

322K/158K #ITM on brk $300 NL ($75K Gtd) Day 2. 20(210) left, $18K +

233K/132K $300 NL, #ITM 24(210) left. 45 mins of 5K/500 just started.


Starting Day 2 $300 NL ($75K Gtd) 179K/93K w/ 45 min lvls. 4K/500 lvl first.

"You do know that they're getting put into a bag in about five minutes, right?" - [ 181K/81K ]

90K/77K; 20(103) left in Flight B. 23 mins left in 3K/400, last lvl of night.

74.4K/, 6 min leff in 2.4K/300 lvl. #Allegedly 14(107) bagged Flight A, 22(103) still in Flight B.

72.3K/61.8K $300 NL; 21 mins left in 2.4K/300 lvl, we bag after 30 mins of 3K/400.

Come back to sb 8-handed w/ 36.5K/ in the 2.4K/300 lvl $300 NL ($75K Gtd). Lost #heaps w/ JJ & KK

9h7h > TsTc / Q87 J 7

KcKd < 4s3s (limp-call pre, x/c flop, x/c turn x/slow-roll riv) / J54 6ss 3c. Down to 6K/ in 2K/300 lvl.

67.6K/, 6 min left in 1.6K/200 lvl. Three (3) more 30-min lvls to play before we #bag

98.2K/15Kss $300 NL ($75K Gtd) when the dust settled. Re-entry ends during this brk, return to 1.2K/200

100K/15Kss $300 NL w/ et al. 3b/5balled AcKc > 's AhAd for 100 BB pot

27K/15Kss w/ successful 3ball-iso over shorty's 5x-commit open (~ 11 Bigs bhd) AK > 66c / Kc5c2c 4h Qs. Sweat much?

And now I have on my immed right. Back to 15Kss/, 5 min left in 400/50 lvl.

#snap lose 30% of my stack btn | c/o, 6.2K/15Kss w/ 25 min left in 400/50 lvl.

8.2K/15Kss $ ... Make that 9.6K/, 16 min left in 300/25 lvl. on my immed left.

7,150/15Kss; 30 mins of 300/25 coming up after this break. cBet/3balled when defended BB pre and c/r flop