Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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16.5K/20Kss Black Chip Bounty. 20 min left in 600/75 lvl. 119 runners so far. Blargh

42.6K/20Kss $340 Black Chip Bounty. 8c7c (sb) > KK (UTG+1 aiot) / 965 2hh 6. 23 min left in 300/25 lvl

the #Bravo App has number of entrants on it, btw

I know that guy. (cc: )

I know that guy. (cc: )


320K/91K $2.5K Main Day 1A, 75 min left in 1K/100, last lvl of the night. 33(50) left. 1B tomorrow

"Funny part is, for a second there, Trav thought he was gonna lose a 200K pot." - Kyle Bowker. 315K/ in 800/100 lvl

191K/83K $2.5K Main Day 1A, last break of the night. Come back to 75 mins 800/100. 36(50) left.

163K/60Kss $2.5K Main Day 1A; 70 min left in 600/75 lvl.

~141K/73.5K $2.5K Main. Down to 40(49) plrs, joined by Kyle (~35K/), 40 mins left in 500/50 lvl.

125K/60Kss #DinnerBreak $2.5K NL ($500K Gtd) Day 1A. Bricked an OESD/FD, 2nd pair threw on the #cape.

~143K/60Kss on 2nd Brk $2.5K Main Day 1A. Come back to 75 min 300/25. #BigBoard claims 47 reg'd so far

133,450/60Kss $2.5K Main Day 1A. 71 mins of 200/25 left to play. #Allegedly 46 runners so far.

Congrats to on free-rolling the $2.5K NL ($500K Gtd) Main. GL tomorrow.

130,450/60Kss $2.5K ($500K Gtd) Main Day 1A. Won 120K pot in 75/150 pre-ante lvl turning set > set.

Sat down in BB. Four hands later I make KK (c/o) > TT (btn) / Th7c5s Kc As (he bet-tank-3balled turn vs c/r)

171K/394K UTG+1 at 8-handed FT to start 45 mins of 12K/2K lvl.

238K/315K #ITM UTG at 10-handed FT $300 NL ($75K Gtd). on my immed right,

Lost 100K w/ AQ(sb) vs