Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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632K/358K, still 29(173) left |18pd|. 33 mins left in 6K/500 lvl $2.5K Main w/ $135K up top

572K/358K 7-handed w/ 29(173) left - we'll re-draw ( #ThankGod ) at 27. |18pd|

400K/346K, flopped a flush on me and too me to #ValueTown. I prefer to drive on that trip.

518K/335K $2.5K Main Day 3. 31(173) left |18pd|, 90 mins 6K/500 just started. $135K +

Chip Counts and Table Draw for $2,500 NL ($500K Gtd) Main Event. 31 left,

635K/335K Main, "20 Minutes" left in last lvl of night: 5K/500. 31(173) plrs left |18pd| $135K up top

615K?/315K last break of the night $2,500 NL ($500K Gtd) Main Event. 90 min 5K/500 next, 33(173) left

420K/266K $500K Gtd, 45 min of 4K/500 + 90 min 5K/500 to finish before we bag. 39(173) left |18pd|

392K/236K $2.5K Main. Come back to 90 mins of 4K/500 after racing off the hunnerts. 44(173) left

393K/231K $2.5K Main - TJ Shulman c/rai w/ bottom of his range and riv's me for 120K pot in 3K/400

456K/216K $2.5K Main. 50 mins left in 3K/400 lvl, 48(173) plrs left |18pd|

411K/204 after #DinnerBreak, 90 mins of 3K/400 just started. 51(173) left |18pd| $135K UT. This lvl + 2 mo tonight

400K/204K $2.5K Main Event; 18 mins of 2.4K/300 to finish before #DinnerBreak, 51(173) left |18pd|

360K/162K $2.5K Main. 64(173) left |18pd| $135K 1st. 90 mins of 2.4K/300 next. $110K #Overlay

362K/127K Main, reg closed, 9-max now w/ 82(173) left |18pd| $135K +

350K/104K $500K Gtd Main Day 2. 90 mins of 1.6K/200 just started. 96(166) left at the mo', $135K UT

Re-start Day 2 $2,500 NL ($500K Gtd) w/

21K/20Kss $340 NL ($25K Gtd, $100 Bounties). 5 min of 600/75 before we go to 800/100. 121 plrs so far