Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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3b the stuck guy, 4b-jams, orig rs'r re-jams, I cover both, hee-haw w/ AsQs>KhKd>?? $552/$200 #WPBT

$225/$200 at #IPPoker. just table changed here; playing from the rail.

A: Yes to both. Q1: Did Trav fly 3,000 miles to eat at Burger King? Q2: Is the Rodeo in town? #WPBT

Say what you want about the Imperial Palace, my room has a balcony () and surprisingly decent view.

It was only a matter of time.

"If I ask you for more chips, say no." -Me to before a hand was a dealt at his $1/$3 NL. #DayPoker

There are blue/purpley chips are $50s. $1.5Kish/$2K. Jump-off Jimmy is straddling $250+ aipf from UTG

Firing on all cylinders, running at 65% capacity. ($1.3K/$2K)

Got a little caught up in the moment, KcQc<AdKd for stacks aipf. Qs5d3d frop just to tease me.

$900ish/$1.5K in the $1/$2 NL game. 98<AK / QJT frop didn't help

Dark in this corner; $420/$1.5K. Ran into AA one hand, played terribly the rest

in for $140 (at the mo') in the $1/$2 NL game 'round the way. 2 to my right, in the box

$533/$300 in $2/$5, only showdown was when I runner'd dude's Aces after his aipf for $17 atop my $20

$1,770ish / $300 - game just turned to isht w/ all the big stacks replaced by shorties w/ fast mouths

Poker's fun. In for $300

$672/$300, just got aipf in back-to-back hands. AQo>KK for ~ $600 and KK<AdTd for $400 pot. #TimingIsEverything

Hella early in 's $1/$2 NL. $397/$300

Flat btn's 10x from sb w/ 250 BB effective stacks; c/c $50->$44 frop, c/r turn and he moves in, my set holds

Found a $148->$223 vBet w/ AcKc after he lead the turn and chk'd riv h/u on KdQc8s 6s 9c brd. $1.5K/$800

Various threads on , too. and may have diff insights. ()