Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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5 callers pf, none after flopping top set; also 3b pf w/ no call and 4b-jammed, no call. $251/$140 w/o showing

That's $460 in chips in a game where the max-buy is $300. Those who tend to assume might think I'm winning.

Rules force me to go south after a much-needed table change. $300 in front, $62 back in my pocket. #GasMoney

3b a guy pf, people in neighboring states call, he claims to've bet-folded $100->~$250 w/ $130 behind QQ on J92

$952/$700 in 's $1/$3 NL. Think I'ma play 'til a #Whoops, hopefully it'll be a relatively painless one

didn't get done writing the tweet for this #Dink before I got arr-rin VNH w/ same villain. ~$840/$200

Guy escapes h/u on riv catching row vs my made straight that improves to a frush. Chop. 20Kish now

I am too good at getting the bring-in during Stud/8. 15.5K/37Kish

17.0K on last hand of 2K/4K (500a,500bi) Stud Hi. 20 left

Dealt [33]3 in the bring-in looking at two kings and an Ace on third. Opted to #TiD vs hate mice elf l8r;19.1K

Open from UTG w/ 5K bhd, 3 callers fee-fop, 2 on frop, one guy iso's turn after I make set and rock row. 3qtrs

Hopelessly bet 3K->10.8K h/u on riv after 3b'ing pf and chking thru turn/liver. As8s<QsTs KhQh9c 8c 3G. ~13K


I was the bring-in for literally 4 of the eight Stud/8 hands, spewed ever so slightly- 23.2K/31.0K; 24(62) left

30.1K/28.6K w/ 26 left (from 62) |9pd|. 10 mins left in 1.2K/2.4K level

29.5K, just chk-folded sixth in Stud Hi w/ open Queens vs a four-flush board. Was at 35K before that hand.

35.2K, 29 left.

32K at the Dinner Break of Winter Poker Open $560 HOSE. 62 Entrants w/ 12K stacks, down to ~38

29.7K, looks like 39 left (from 62). started w/ 12K. 1K/2K Hold 'em coming up. Got moved, behaving.

28.3K going into 1K/2K (200a/300bi). Looka like we still got six tables left. On break right now.