Travis T Williams


Worked in a restaurant, joined the Air Force, found poker. Damn you, poker.

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Found this li'l guy sticking out of a slot machine on brk at . Imagine yearly profit on un-cashed tix.

Blocked punt. Dbl w/ interest to 5,150/12Kss. Dude had 94 again, said, "I just wanted to give you a story to tell."

3.7K/4.5Kss #WSOPmm Flight B, 20 min left in 25/50 lvl. Every other hand is 3b pre.

Won the very 1st hand of 25/25 lvl for a healthy pot w/out showdown. Pretty much back in my cave since, ~5.2K/4.5Kss

Pavilion White Table 134 for 5pm Flight B #WSOPmm. Kick off w/ an hour of 25/25 shortly. #Allegedly 3,713 in A?

8s8h < KhKc. I had him covered by 16 Bigs. Ouch. 15 min left in 50/100, then I jam over the open of AA. #Out

4,450/4.5Kss - new lease on life. 43 min left in 50/100 lvl. #BigBoard claims 3,643 players for #WSOPmm so far

3,675/4.5Kss #WSOPmm, chipped up from 1.6K blunder w/out a showdown. Twice was
[ x ] All in
[ x ] Covered
[ ] Called

2,475/4.5Kss #WSOPmm. Feels like #heaps after getting down to 1,675/ in the 25/25 lvl. Hour of 50/100 next.

Fold pre, watch BB 3bet-sqz #Charmin pre, cBet-cry-3balls aiof > nice old man's limp-hood flat pre, rs-commit flop

2,250/4.5Kss w/out a showdown after getting down to 1,675/. 45 min left in 25/50

4.5Kss #WSOPmm Flight A. Missed barely 9 minutes of 25/25 lvl. After an hour we go to 25/50. Pavilion Black 176

"Stay on I-40 W for 912 miles." ~ 1,000 miles to go.

Four words, one giant gamble: "Truck Stop Salad Bar."

Mild mannered attempt to make light of the situation:

214K/433K LoJ 8-handed 24(173) left |18pd|, 30 more minutes of 8K/1K to play.

406K/433K $2.5K Main. First time I'm below avg stack all tourn. 24(173) left |18pd|, still 8K/1K lvl

501K/415K, still 25(173) left |18pd|. 78 mins remain in 8K/1K lvl

610K/415K bhd my posted sb to start 90 mins 8K/1K lvl $2.5K Main. 25(173) left |18pd| $135K to 1st

623K/385K, picked up on my right, on my left, TJ Shulman and JeffO also here. 27 left