Olly von Steiff


ello, im olly. im a likkle bear hoo is egsyted too mayk furends nd chats on twittah. i helps wif #caykclub nd enjoys #keepfits.

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a kwik showah in owah cabin nd wee unpak sootcayse.. ah my hoomun swopped my cayks fur clowths! #ollyshollydey

  • 1951 days ago via site
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ohhh ths is owah crooz ship! isnt it a big wun? *dances* ths my ferst crooz hollydey! #ollyshollydey

  • 1951 days ago via site
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oh wow is ths owah crooz ship? it luks all egsytin nd kwik! will they haf cayks on bord? #ollyshollydey

  • 1951 days ago via site
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then wee clim on th coatch nd driv ovah th islan of tennyreef too fynd owah ship :) #ollyshollydey

  • 1951 days ago via site
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then wee haf too wayt fur owah luggig too cum arownd on th carasell - it soo egsytin! wee wer on #ollyshollydey

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oh oh wee fly in a big bloo playn nd it was a nise flite nd wee landid in tennyreef in th sunshine! #ollyshollydey

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i did luk owt fur owah playn - i wo soo egsyted too bee off on #ollyshollydey nd my ferst crooz!

  • 1951 days ago via site
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wee haf tyme fur a nommy brekfust in a bun frum burgah king! #ollyshollydey

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yew may kno i did juss been on hollydey? wee startid by gowin too airpawt.. what tyme owah flite? #ollyshollydey

  • 1951 days ago via site
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ho ho ho merry kissmuss ebearywun - wee wish yew a mowst peeseful seesun nd a happi new yeer!

  • 1952 days ago via site
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wee haffin brekfust inna bun at airpawt!

i did try too help wif packin fur hollydey.. but my hoomun sey "no olly.. not pack all cayks!"

  • 1962 days ago via site
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