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i dont do what i do for money or fame, i do it so i can leave a mark on this earth when im gone. Follow my journey :D

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#InstantHappy for your morning or night.

The moment when #wireimage takes a photo of your #shoes and you realize that they have seen better days

Which toy should I get for Roxy?

When typos get out of control... Cc:

I found underground cult in Los Angeles and its fair to say I don't fit in

My driver is loving us right now! http://www.uber.com/go/moosh we are dancing to #miley

Normal: They pump their own gas

Dear my moosh spy brought this to my attention. Answer: Yes I am. Waiting for the next chapter.

#MyBetterHalf video is going up TODAY!!! #halloween


Another still from #MyBetterHalf I can't wait to share tomorrow! What do you think the story is so far?

My clothes ARE 5 shades darker because I am drenched, thanks

My clothes is 5 shades darker because I am drenched. Thanks

Shooting with the Fine Bros today as I come across ur face in the waiting room

I got a 9-5pm job only it's more like 6am-9pm please meet my office. I'll keep you updated as the day gets old.

Me ---> after sweating at the today

right? Plus this is just for you!

Running late 2 's Runway show because my car's battery died. #oops thanks 2 for existing! U c me?

Dear everyone I work with, don't take this personally but I am looking forward to reading this book.

These guys got tired of sitting in traffic so they are just walking next to all of us. #LosAngeles