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Congress/Politics Correspondent, Agence France-Presse (AFP). Something something something retweets something something. Views here are my own, not AFP's.

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Santorum arrives at Boone, Iowa, Pizza Ranch

Santorum event in Boone. cc: #mural

Packed Pizza Ranch for lunch/Santorum event...recurring theme: Locals annoyed press hogging candidate

Mitt Romney talks to the media in Atlantic, Iowa #2012 #Iowa

Former Massachusetts Gov Mitt Romney meets with voters in Atlantic, Iowa #iacaucus #2012

"So, are you here for the Romney event?" In Atlantic, Iowa...

Occupy the Iowa Caucus about to march to Iowa statehouse...

At the Occupy the Iowa Caucus HQ in Des Moines...

This is all I will see of the Moms Matter 2012 event w/Newt Gingrich. #noroomattheinnforme

Romney/Christie event. Drizzle. Cold. Good crowd in West Des Moines.

#2012 former senator Rick Santorum talking to couple dozen Iowans in Coralville, IA

Romney crowd in North Liberty. Not pictured: "Life Is a Highway" blaring on speakers.

Merry Christmas! Do. Or do not. There is no 'try.'

A Merry Christmas wreath to all of you, from Nibbles!

Protestor at Bachmann event, wearing a sorta spacesuit, asks her about gay rights, is booed, ushered out

Bachmann in Tama, Iowa...

At the Mexican restaurant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa today...

Perry event about to start in Mount Pleasant, Iowa

A moose in the Iowa governor's mansion (it's the giant thing above )