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Nick just found out where not to rest his chocolate. Why he put it there, I have no idea. &right beside hot laptop fan.

"Oh, you were sitting here?"

Carbonite Han, Jabba, Leia... Pita chip version. #whynot #starwars #empire

Looking through a dog supply catalogue and... Derp.

Muppet bandaids were a good idea. #imfive

Goober in the sun. (Oh c'mon, do I post anything else?) #crazydoglady

! @ Variety Playhouse w/ purple fireball shooting guitar! This woman can SING!

It comes with a dog shelf! (I really need to cut it out, I know.)

Barnacle Pup.

She doesn't quite fit. And oh no, I have another dog to spam with.

Moving = "Oh yeah I forgot about that!" #bananamadness

The sun finally did him in,

Are all Boston terriers happy knuckleheads or is it just this one?

So I can still order these, right? I don't see a website...

I'm being glared at.

Shit's getting intense with downstairs dude.

And now for an upside-down Boston:

Back of a practice swatch. That's all ya get! :P

this is what you're on about, yes? Tasty.