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What I assume to be an old school chip from don't remember the .50 chips looking like this.


Meat Mountain.

Can we PLEASE get rid of the penny and move to bankers rounding?

Stay classy Dundalk.

Today's Chip Buys. Not bad for $20. Looks to be someone's souvenirs from the early 80's.

Betting big money on dog food futures.

Time to play a little game I call "WTF did I just eat?".

The first chip I paid more than face value for. Guess it's officially a collection and not souvenirs.

This is $13. Maryland needs to get their shit together. ( banana for scale)

Next time Is in Vegas he can stock up.

Maryland's alcohol laws suck.

Who am I to judge, maybe Has started hiring handicapped patrol officers.

And googly eyes strike again.

This is what happens when I get bored while shopping. I buy googly eyes.

This is what it looks like when you win an Event. #BrokenGame

Only reason I came to McDonald's today. #RidingDirty

Time for some Fatboy food.

Monsoon season in Maryland.

This sums up the weather quite nicely.