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Went to Iraq in 2004, back when it was cool. Now, I do stand-up and dream.

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She can do this, too, Troy!

If this is art, then I should frame my pillows.

See...see what I did there?

I like a "no surprises later" kind of breakfast.

Should I eat this?



Here is Davy Jones on Gawker.

Here's an aged Irish sharp cheddar cheese sandwich with jalapeño-stuffed olives fried in an egg. I am high.

Burlington Coat Factory has a great selection of discounted single cufflinks.

Wait, so Jeremy Lin isn't a serial killer?
Oh, he's Asian?
You have a picture of his mom?

I know this joke is dead, but so are they:

"leggo my preggo" was copyrighted.

This was my father's.