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Guitarist. Photoshopin' lol... AQW Ambassador. And I'm the one of the Alpha tester in AQ3D. (Blancaflor) m͏̺͓̲̥̪í͇͔̠ś̷͎̹̲̻̻̘̝t̞̖͍͚̤k̥̞à̸͕̮͍͉̹̰͚̰ẹ̶̢̪s͏̨͈̙

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AQW bug

Character Info
M or F:M
Items equipped : Legiion Doombringer, Darkside, Royal Frost Faceguard, Sanctified Wings, Trollolol Moglin

Bug Info: (Step by step details please)
-Before Bug occurred:I can Login but my character can't load.
-During Bug: I waited hours and my character still in "fire loading" but the other characters completely load.I login SO many times.
-After Bug: I tried to relogin next day but still can't load. (only my character can't load)

Did the game kick you out - Flash plugin crash, or 60 second disconnect? Nope

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My entry for Oversoul.... enjoy! (Ignore the codes... lol)

Legendary Bard
[b]Element:[/b] Neutral/ Ice

[b]Appearance[/b]: Here

[b]Story:[/b] He was an ordinary adventurer traveling in different parts lore, killing monster, doing quests, combat, training, merging, enhancing, buying different equipments and while he traveling across the Lore he saw an ancient guitar. The ordinary adventurer became interested in music... he studied at Bard's School at first the teacher of he always rejecting him and saying to him that "You are Nothing" but the adventurer replied... "I will prove to you that someday I will become a famous bard in the whole lore." and his classmate, and teacher just laugh at him.... suddenly because of his that rejection he leave in that school study only with himself alone. And while he traveling across the frost mountain he saw a chest of course he opened it and he saw a "bard-like" armor... he wear the armor and a monster appeared in that mountains it is a "Frost Void" with a legendary golden sword the frost void attacked the adventurer and he missed... and the bard attacked him with a powerful punch because of the armor... and the Void was not easily defeated he attacked with his "Ice Power" the adventurer try to avoid the attack but NO! he got hit by the void...and he fainted.... and the Frost void draw his sword and do the "last HIT!" skill but his ancient guitar dropped that makes a powerful "music" with a high pitched tone the void becomes confused.. and he covered his ear and die because of the treble of the guitar and the adventurer just wake up and thought that he was dead... but NO! "I AM ALIVE!... uhhhh.... what's that a shiny stone and a sword... maybe it's the "drop" from the void???" and he picked the sword and the stone... while he holding the stone the stone released a power of the music and a power of ice... and he instantly become a professional bard! And he come back to the to the Bard's School.. and his prof. just say "Uhhhh.... welcome back?" and the Bard replied "Hmmm.... that is the first time that I heard that mellow voice..." but his teacher just.... "I'M SORRY FOR REJECTING YOU!".... and he say "Well... It's okay... that is past and I will forgive you" /smiles.... And the teacher introduced him "This the noob bard that I use to reject, but then he became so pro.... and his now "LEGENDARY BARD!"" and he leave the bard school happily.. not because he's depressed but because he want's more adventure... THE END!

[b]Lines:[/b] (Read the story so that you can understand.. lol)

Enemy: I will crush you with my blades.... uhhh wait I'm a bard....
Player: I am a Legendary bard!
Upon winning: HAHA! I defeated you!
Attack Methods:[/b]
- Attack with his powerful fist
- Play a guitar that hits a enemy/ or by healing himself
- Attack by sheath he's his sword.
- Attack with he's ice power.

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Edited version of Blade Of Glow!

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My suggestion for Herosmash!
Name: Blade Of Glow

I accept any feedback (Postive, negative, random stuff, or ANYTHING!) :D

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Now with 100% clothes... LOL #AdobeFlash #Noob

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Check my Male Template.. LOL! #Noob #AdobeFlash

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Grand Ebil Auto I. My entry for #Artix pop culture contest! Enjoy!! :) (Inspired by GTA) My AQW character name: 4846040

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Merry Christmas! :)

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The Chaotic Guild... #AQW

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Armor suggestion for AQWorlds, and it doesn't have any name yet...

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My weapon suggestion for AQWorlds, I dont have name for this weapon yet......

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My entry for the "Draw A Hand Turkey" in AQW
My AQW Character name: 4846040

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#GTAIV Multiplayer! xD

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My fan art for #TheHungerGames #HungerGames And excited about the #CathchingFire !! Good night...

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Ahhhh... Finally done! :) My 2nd edit....

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Using the Photoshop CS6

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