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Drawer of Heads. Waster of Times. My book, Texts from Dog II is available HERE http://t.co/0V4aFr4IJo

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  • 768 days ago via site
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My Dog is jealous of a cuddly toy bulldog I got last week. He's been trying to convince me it beats him up.

  • 771 days ago via site
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So anyway, I've come up with a really geeky Christmas carol. Let's all learn it by Xmas.

  • 772 days ago via site
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Jesus. Someone left the placeholder text up on the Halo 4 website :(

  • 772 days ago via site
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Oh Star Wars. Oh God.

  • 778 days ago via site
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I'm so bored at work I've invented the CRAPPEST. SUPERHERO. EVER

  • 779 days ago via site
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Jumping on the YOLO (You Only Live Once) bandwagon. Anyone want to buy a Seize The Day T-Shirt?

  • 786 days ago via site
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DIFFERENCES between Donald Duck and Donald Trump. No. 145

  • 786 days ago via site
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Todays 'How to Draw' Tutorial is that SCAMP Nick Griffin!

  • 790 days ago via site
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Google doodle celebrates 161 years of Moby Dick. Can't help thinking Twitter missed an open goal there

  • 790 days ago via site
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Hi . I designed you a Twitter profile background. This should defuse all that abuse you're getting

  • 802 days ago via site
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CONTROVERSY today as James Bond actually reveals his 'Licence to Kill'

  • 803 days ago via site
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Childrens' books are popular. Cook books are popular. OMG. What if we COMBINED THEM...

  • 804 days ago via site
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Can I write the next series of Doctor Who? And before you say no, wrap your eyes around this for a TWIST...

  • 816 days ago via site
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John... John.... JOHN IT'S WAKING UP.

  • 817 days ago via site
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Politics. Text from Dog

OMG. First shots of concept art for E.T. remake! Oh fuck off...

  • 821 days ago via site
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On the train? Check your seat tray. Peppy the Inspirational Cat might be there to get your weekend started RIGHT...

FUN KID'S GAME: Stick this in your child's copy of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar". Leave it open on their bed. Hide

  • 825 days ago via site
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Thursday. On train. Hi-Ho everybody!