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Finished my 2nd Shadow Sister (aka 77022 Michelle, Human Ranger). #minis #bones

I don't think I could stand looking over my verandah every day and seeing this - (they are about 30cm/1' long)

you know we need new #l5r tournament shirts. These are getting old!

My daughter as Little Bo Peep (sheep included)

Then it was my turn... Clerics love them undead. #dnd

The defender has bravely led the way up a ladder which results in this: #dnd

When thinking about forest look for images of different forests to your area. Euro & US forests look very different to Oz #dnd

Turtle eggs are really light. Say a small chicken egg. Photo is part way through relocation.

We were able to see a Logerhead turtle laying her eggs. We may yet be relocating them.

Awesome #sunset tonight.

More bat craziness. This happens nightly 400km from my place where there is nothing. Someting for setting for DMs. #dnd

The fuzzy black dots are bats, what if they were stirges and the adventurers were new in town? #dnd

Wife getting a free ride from the girls.

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