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Congress/Politics Correspondent, Agence France-Presse (AFP). Something something something retweets something something. Views here are my own, not AFP's.

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Sunrise, seen from one of the filing center rooms at #nbcfbdebate

Strike one, no seat. Strike two, this. Thin ice, ...

NH scarf modeled by

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. (ABC/Yahoo debate filing center, or hive)

Mighty , not striking out...

Of the self-described "political junkies" I met in Derry, this was the best souvenir...#fitn

Ron Paul banner

Ron Paul blimps. From the last campaign.

Cub Scout at Romney event in Peterborough, NH #fitn

Romney, McCain, in Manchester, NH #fitn

Welcome to NH, Gov Romney #fitn

Romney arrives in New Hampshire #fitn

More Romney on charter heading to NH...from my cheap seats...

Romney laughing, chatting with staff aboard charter bound for NH in a bit...

The bar at Romney's win/place/show post #IACaucus event. Whaaaat? Bars are pretty!

Scene of Romney event on #IACaucus morning.

"Time For The Show," indeed. At the Romney event site. #iacaucus

At Romney event -- these are all "Made in China."

Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum leaves Boone, Iowa campaign event at Pizza Ranch #iacaucus

Santorum campaigning in Ariz--no, wait, Boone, Iowa. Place is packed. Campaign might want to look into renting mic'/speakers