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Concrete Dreams

dark purple jacket...sleeves too short, grrrr. Slim cut purple trousers fit like a glove though :)

a man enters a store and is drawn to the ice cream freezer even tho he had no desire to buy ice cream. He finds ↑

He in Light and Shadow

Moon Valley

Like Pigs for The Slaughter :) #AC3

Beacon Hill #AC3

For The Love of Dessert

stomach is empty, lets do this. #nomnomnom

Above it All #AC3

misty morning sunrise #AC3 did I mention how gorgeous this game is? Pic doesn't do it justice :)

Sundown Wilderness

just some extra fine chocolate sent from France, nothing to see here :)

made a super fluffy deep dish pizza so good that I am about to give up the ghost, a pinnacle has been reached lol

picked this up at the hot springs, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness, a pleasure for my lips, my tongue.

All Things Die in Winter

Trains Show Me Things

and now I shall lead the cookie making extravaganza, good way to spend our final morning :)

Tree of Life

while everyone else was making houses and castles my group made Danboru Senki! Just about to OD on sugar...