Well this is me: Spn Fandom is my family. I have Fibromyalgia, am opinionated, I speak my mind & don't bullshit ppl. Oh & I tweet & swear a lot. That is all :-D

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Feeling the need to post this after seeing it on Domino - Hoover Dam & a million dollar note.

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I regressed into a 9 year old yesterday, I can tell you. What a dream come true...

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Me snogging Duchess the dolphin at the Mirage, Vegas

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at #LAcon

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with his fancy dress costume at #LAcon

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Paramount Studios this afternoon - 'I'm ready for my close up Mr DeMille!'

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This is me, with my aunt when I was about 3 or 4 i think. Blondie eat your heart out!!

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as Henry Grubstick for . Little different to Henry Dunn, right? :-p

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& a bunch of kick ass tattooes & piercings lol.

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Jensen in Ten Inch Hero. He has a variety of mohawks, with a variety of colours, not to mention a variety of tshirts. And a kilt lolol.

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And you know, seeing as I'm in the #Glee pic posting mood - nabbed from & her fantastic fansite http://jaymamaysadailydose.tumblr.com/ - I'm not saying which half I'd prefer though ;-)

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And of course this is the flicky up curly whatnot style of Emma/Jayma as she is in #Glee... which i have tried & failed to achieve more than once. Sigh. Hair too long.

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Emma/Jayma's hair from the front. Obviously the curled up flickyness from Glee is seriously styled, need it to look like this when I can't be arsed lol.

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I want my hair like this. Emma Pillsbury style, fellow redhead. But i love my long hair... it's kinda short.

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Another piece of evidence for to show he really is taking over the world. Please RT so he sees it #Supernatural gang!

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It's official, the minions are taking over. This was taken last week at the Rock of Castiel, Republic of Ireland.

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Kati's a Gleek. Avatar 3.

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Kati's a Gleek. Avatar 2.

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Kati's a Gleek. Avatar 1

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Seriously glad I was sitting down when I saw this. I think i dribbled on my keyboard a little lol.

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