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This monster was more than a handful to create... but it was fun.

  • 1274 days ago via site
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I'm out of practice so practice I must. More of my figure studies... turned into Ghouls!

  • 1279 days ago via site
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Here I drew some concepts for possible Miltonius minions. The Big, the Bad and the Pretty.

  • 1279 days ago via site
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Here's a figure drawing exercise I did.There's always room to improve your craft.I call this: Belt+Underwear=Cool.

  • 1279 days ago via site
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Here are some more monster I finished to add to the bunch. All of this will be available as items for players too,

  • 1281 days ago via site
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And here's another monster for my AQW horde! It's not hard to figure out the inspiration for this guy's design.

  • 1302 days ago via site
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Modern console game monster. Now we play these.

  • 1302 days ago via site
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Classic arcade game monster. These are what I played growing up.

  • 1302 days ago via site
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Finally, done with the monsters and cutscenes. Here's the Battle Zeke armor along with a different jellyfish pet.

  • 1308 days ago via site
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I spent a ton of time animating the cutscenes for the Ctrl+Alt+Del event this week. It turned out really funny.

  • 1308 days ago via site
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Another monster added to my AQW horde.I put a little more time into this weeks cutscene since I enjoyed the shots.

  • 1316 days ago via site
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Female version.I took my time on these.Sometimes I let my quality decline when I feel rushed.But it's no excuse.

  • 1321 days ago via site
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Last night, I decided to create a Miltonius version of an armor designed by . The Solarflux v2.

  • 1321 days ago via site
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Sword and Board.

  • 1330 days ago via site
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The sword variation. Miltonius is cold!

  • 1330 days ago via site
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The axe variation. Miltonius feels pretty.

  • 1330 days ago via site
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I can't tell you which boss these next couple of items are from... but you can probably guess.

  • 1330 days ago via site
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This cape and weapon will be released this week.

  • 1358 days ago via site
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These are some characters that I painted in photoshop. I can't say what this will be used for just yet.

  • 1385 days ago via site
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Warlord of Miltonius releases today along with the Ungodly Reavers of Miltonius. All of these will be non-member!

  • 1406 days ago via site
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