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I've made some helm and cape variations for the new Blood Fiend of Nulgath armor. These are designed for AQW but could find their way into Oversoul too!

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The Oversoul game releases Summer 2012! http://www.facebook.com/OversoulGame

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This is the second stage of character creation in Oversoul! Here I'm recreating the painting concept I did earlier this week into Flash. Watch the speed creation of it now! http://youtu.be/qvtmZ6s8X6E

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Do you like to go fast? Then check out this speed painting of a character concept that will be put into the Oversoul game! This is just the first step in producing new characters. Watch for the second step later this week! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTTJvMkJack

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Why did Nulgath banish this particular Void Knight from his realm? Find out on Oversoul's release day! But now, check out the battle demo of this Void Knight character in OVERSOUL! http://youtu.be/BC4wrl2jrBw

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This is a conceptual drawing of an new Void Knight I'm making for Oversoul! I'll post an update with the in-game version soon. For those wondering, all the original Void species will also make it into Oversoul!

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These will be dual long swords!

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Here's the female version.

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Here's a new armor I just finished!

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This is Nulgath of OVERSOUL! Watch the new PVP gameplay animations here: http://youtu.be/F75ZttySI8E
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Earth, Wind, Fire and Water!

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I just finished animating some cool dragon monsters designed by . I was also told we also needed a chaotic armor so I designed these. I experimented with more color variations for this particular armor concept. I like how the blue looks with the purple.

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Here's my newest monster! It's some sort of Fiend.

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Here they are in-game. The blue colors are CC. These are for normal release not for the Nulgath area.

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These are super, hyper bionic, time traveling,... I have no idea. I just started making shapes and this is what happen. Swords pretty good. It's CC.

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I'd made this a while back but just now realized I never showed it. You may have seen it in some ads though.

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Here's a digital drawing I just finished making. I call it: "The Transformation".

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” -Leonardo da Vinci

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There's nothing wrong with a little chaos...

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How do you feel today?

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