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The cheese cake looks infected

Please don't attack us

In a farm and there's a really fat turkey

He's back!

Might get rid of him... :s he's kinda freaky in the dark

Boy shoes for the dig...totally pimping the outfit...

Never underestimate painters...its hard work!

A beached whale got me this <3

Dya remember? lol xx

Next doors dog is starring at me...please don't eat me!

I'm fascinated by the tap..dash sink, dash plank of glass

I found my phone bill from 4 years ago... :o

Mama just told me to get changed cause I was too scruffy...sorry were just hanging at home

I have just found my goodie bag u got from my fat run <3

Dinner is served!

Asked papa ly for a pic so that when he calls, a pic of him will come up...fob pose much?

Really cute bunny book mark I got with an amazing book <3

Something strange on this menu!

Bowl of burning mouth noodles!

Guess where I am!

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