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*Note - @lizo_mzimba is the REAL Lizo Mzimba* Things I love:- Crafting, Doctor Who, Supernatural, Buffy, TV generally!

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Here's twitter friend's cat, all grown up. Still adorable though!

At long last, I can post a picture of a Brian!

Now I have a sock monkey, a sock reindeer, a sock penguin & a sock cow.

Did that last pic post? Here he is again, in case it didn't.

My latest craft project. Once again, I'm pretty damn chuffed!

Anyone wanna see a quick picture of me?

Here's a picture of me & Faith outside Mrs Crawley's house, of Downton fame!

Is this the most appropriate present ever?

Nobody said that, huh? Well, tough!

Did somebody say "I'd love some kitty pics of twitter friend's cat?" No?

Another pic of Luna, this time with handmade frock!

Yes, I am a cat pic spammer now!

@GrrAargh @iamjustanerd Does twitpic do video? #dontevenknow

Does twitpic do video? #dontevenknow

Look how cute!!

Couldn't resist this at the antique fair yesterday. It's next to a tiny tealight, for scale!

I'm calling this place out - (The Greenhill Hotel, Wigton) as having coffee so vile, it was undrinkable!!

May I present to you, Luna Lapin!! #prettychuffed

Photo 3 - Penguins are way cute. I think they were my favourite!

Photo 2 - I didn't know giraffes were endangered :(

Photo 1 - Eye of the tiger

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