Kirby Mack, or Not.


I've competed hurt, scuffled at bars, got my share of ink and partied hard. None of that makes you a man. Love & Grace that's a real man. Unbiased Christian.

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Hunger Games Trailers - Not Kirby Mack....No really.

I pinch, no?

I'm probably burning this bridge but it's WELL WORTH IT! NOW THAT'S What I Call...Ugh -

The Phanatic is TOTALLY ALL EYES ON Becca! If we didn't win the NL East that night, I would have DESTROYED HIM!!!

Don't get it twisted (Pun intended) I battle back two pages over. "The Ring General." OverDoZe! #PWI500

Kirby: "And then she said "Well if it's that big shouldn't it taste like meat? - Get it, big? Meat?"

A Captain Planet Movie! Hell Yeahs, I'm down. Unfortunately if I was a Planeteer I'd be "Heart" SMH.

Harry Potter...

I work with some real geniuses. They realized they misspelled "Fitted" so they attempted to correct it. #AutoCorrectFail

Dear , I am Spartacus.

OMG Noooooooooooo....

Yup, This happened...

Man or Woman?

In Memory of One of The Greatest Television Personalities of ALL Time. RIP Billy Mays.

I freakin LOVE my Gizmo! :)

Urban Wrestling Federation releases NEW Video game off the success of their first PPV!

With all of these horrible TV reincarnations (I.E. Teen Wolf) I pray for just one good one. Like this...

Got three more reps left! Bout to bump these arms, pin the tail on em ya heard!

Hollywood killed X-Men. I could write a novel on the hundreds of inconsistencies in the triology!

Hey Bub...