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As part of my mad spending spree I also bought 2 leather jackets. One pink (reiss) one petrol blue (jaeger).. #broke

I'm so in love with these shoes that I'm thinking of doing the hoovering in them...

In normal news, oh my god look at these new killer heels I got today. *in love*

The other thing I love is new car... #tapsaff

Me. Fighting weight. Matchy matchy gym gear. My face also matchy matchies but let's not share that.

Today I took fashion advice from my duvet.


ark didn’t get one from tonight (she was in awesome hotpants) but this is she…

Ok… after this one I’ve blocked

Good god he’s thick…

#owned part deux…

I’m getting much more confident on this online dating website thing….

Too good not to share….

I think it was this post….

Just got myself banned on FB. I’m such a rebel.

White jeans and sandals. Set your watches for rain Edinburgh….

Aaaaah best time of the day….

Omg I’m sorry but wtf…?!

Friend just sent me this…. wee shit.