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“Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made

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Two rainbows over whitechapel right now beautiful.

Probably the strangest health & safety directive ever!

At the Royal Festival Hall waiting for Christy Moore. Stupidly excited!

The industrial proletariat rescuing the slave from the fat cat. #Ealing #boycottworkfare

Street theatre in effect in #Ealing the fat cat and the slave. #boycottworkfare

Beautiful sunshine wonderful people and a #boycottworkfare protest who could ask for more.

#boycottworkfare protest under way in #Ealing

Never, never ever buy the sun. #Liverpool #gpconf

Gotta love Liverpool #justiceforthe96 #gpconf

I appear to be in the best inter-generational club Liverpool has to offer.

Occupy tour finishing outside the US embassy with famous leftist Ronald Reagan looking down on us.

Westminster park services having kittens "you are not allowed to have any meetings or make any noise in this park. ITS JUST NOT ALLOWED" #occupylsx

Devonshire house home of Mitt Romney's private equity company Bain Capital, the epitome of vulture capitalists. #occupylsx

73 Jermyn St. Home of Paulson Europe hedge fund, John Paulson spotted the sub prime bubble and made $15 billion on CDS's in 2008. #occupylsx

Outside the Aura club for the international jet set, where Thursday night is hedge fund night. #occupylsx

We are on the most expensive spot on the monopoly board where the residents love taking a chance but never pay into the community chest. #occupylsx

The #occupylsx tour of Mayfair now beginning.

Occupying the high court #occupylsx

#occupylsx waiting for high court judgement on the eviction.

Worlds media as always out in force for #occupylsx