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It's nice to see MSN spitting fire at me before MS shut it down.

Needs #Meme ~ Bigger ~

Needs #Meme ~

Interesting, trying to +fav or comment on a #woolwich video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxrtaHkyw5w #Censorship - See screenshot:

Look! We've arrested moar #Muslims ~ #FEAR THEM ~ #Woolwich #1984

Aww, they are making the #Muslims apologise to their masters, yasser master, we'll be good ya boss! #woolwich #1984

A teddybear is gonna save the day and kill the infidels! #woolwich

Shocking Gumtree Ad. They can't even spell Kitten or Cat for that matter. http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/caats/1019040522

Your @'s

Follow up from Marilena Katsinpopoulou ~ "We're not fascists because we're not Italian" #GoldenDawn #Nazis #Fascists


Good luck with #StopCISPA but I'm afraid the tweens have beaten you with Jedward/Xfactor, ah mediocrity.

RT “: One doesn't simply install software. http://t.co/co12IPOeS9

Ah im well blocked bro ;)

Rolling with my 300 tabs of doom. #Firefox

Your not on iChat, I'll try again...

Who does this look like?

Love it! :)

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