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Female version of Nin perhaps? No name yet... whachoo think? (MS Paint)

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This, in my opinion, is a perfect representation of imagination: You think it looks good but it actually isn't. LOL.... Made with MS Paint using mouse. yep, Got bored.

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Aaaaaaaaand another one. I'm still trying :I

  • 218 days ago via site
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More MS Paint stoof :P.... started from trying to draw slenderman lol

  • 218 days ago via site
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Cant take a decent pic... but anyway, what do you guys think? Looks familiar? :3

  • 234 days ago via site
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Check room: SOLO... SUPPOSEDLY my best solo battle so far but since I'm on a quest and I switched to High Quality for a decent screenshot, I GOT DISCONNECTED after last hit. YAY

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Here's another one. I tried to do it as quick as possible as I was bored. So dont mind the poor quality and the quick design lol

  • 259 days ago via site
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Got bored, tried working on my MS Paint skillz lol.... so yeah...

  • 259 days ago via site
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Something non-AE related. :) No name for her yet. Her shoulder armor's based off my Demonic Nemesis, though not as it is. This started as a chibi character and underwent lots of revisions. (forgive my proportions, even worse when it comes to girls lul). What do you think? :)

  • 544 days ago via site
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This is what happens when the Undead Legion lose.... What was I thinking? xD (Version1. Not yet finalized)

  • 635 days ago via site
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The Taturius Mercenary and his Taturius Chongo pet (cape). Comments would be very much appreciated. :)

  • 763 days ago via site
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"Shadowchrome" Ever thought of combining a unicorn, a rainbow, and a black dragon? Colored with crayons... Yes, CRAYONS.

  • 780 days ago via site
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He's still here.

  • 782 days ago via site
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Just me being me..... I hope I don't disappoint since it's a collab set and this would be my part IF HE LIKES IT. So what do you think?

  • 796 days ago via site
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I tried to color it just to see how it would look like. I used a browser based photo editing program and yeah, forgive my coloring skills. xD Here you go :p

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For those who had a bad February... Share if you liked it! ;)

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Here's something for you guys. It's FEBRUARY! Spread the love and share the link ;) There's a message in this pic and it's quite hidden. Try to figure it out.

  • 810 days ago via site
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Fire Note Swordsman for PTRO. What do you think?

  • 816 days ago via site
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Sword of The Frozenfire! This is my first flash work and animation. Constructive criticism would be helpful. Animation: Cheers!

  • 878 days ago via site
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