♪que se murera de envida dios, que envida mata....♪ 100% Dominicano #NT Underboss

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my shorty, ahh glad she keeps it neat, sexi & tight for da kidd :)

  • 2459 days ago via phone
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Sure love these jordans....too bad most jay's make me wanna throw up these days...

  • 2460 days ago via phone
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Shorty Doin da feet at almost 3am...da search for beauty neva endz I c

  • 2460 days ago via phone
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Ur daughter is a freak? lying on her back all she good for? try a career in pole dancin! Kids classes now available!

  • 2461 days ago via phone
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Ground zero at wash heightz goin out in shorts when da sky is that grey is a cold waitin to happen, no healthcare 4 me lol.

  • 2462 days ago via phone
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Went to visit my shorty, got da rolls in her hair lookin like she a "do

  • 2462 days ago via phone
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thats dedication right there...heh

  • 2462 days ago via site
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Niggaz was playin crazy taxi around my way..bumper cars flipped over FTL

  • 2466 days ago via phone
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Proof that I live in wash heightz AKA da hick time square lolz (still luv my dominicans thou)

  • 2466 days ago via phone
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Shitty weather....fuck, there goes my pool day :(

  • 2470 days ago via phone
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I need one of these for da house..shits was slammin afta da bball game

  • 2470 days ago via phone
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At da championship game in da dyckman nike basketball tournament..

  • 2471 days ago via phone
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Politic'in wit some chicks, puss lookin a lil suffocated..fuck it

  • 2473 days ago via phone
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Tunnel ridin.......

  • 2475 days ago via phone
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Pool today was great, tomorrow's gonna b hotta and imma be there all day till I resemble a piece of coal lolz

  • 2475 days ago via phone
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2am lookin at fat pum pum in sweats, can't even complain..

  • 2476 days ago via phone
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My bmx, yesterday makes 10 years wit this shit..I'll be big whip drivin and still b terrorizin da heightz sidewalks wit dis shit lol

  • 2476 days ago via phone
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When stuntin in da hood goes wrong, leavin da sun roof of ur bimmer open when its about to rain, fail lol

  • 2478 days ago via phone
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this is what i gotta put away :(

  • 2478 days ago via site
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hey look, my new wooden close..err...planks of wood that hold my sneaker boxes and gear..yay!

  • 2478 days ago via site
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