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Eternity is your destiny enhanced. what is right is not always just. #covergirl #Vegetarian #Yoga #Ayurveda #letslivelovelife #cosmetologist

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Forgot the picture!! Lol For for old times sake ;) xoxo being down here makes me miss u!!!

The beginning of a piece of #art. #Sketching

Curry! Blk bean & blk lentil, garbanzo, carrot, red-yellow-orange pepper, red onion, red&brown rice, couscous, barley!

Something I learned from : Matching your socks doesn't matter as long as they are similar. makes me giggle

You fancy huh? My chic bad!

Please tell me how this even sounds appetizing? #Sasquatch

#intervention 100 minutes of dancing to the insane energy! A moment of peace

Blue raspberry rotting flesh or fruit punch? I think I just barfed a bit in my mouth. Offensive 


Red red red red red

And here's a pic of me and my mommy :)

#Nerds unite!

U know it's pretty crazy 2 think that over 1200 people want 2 @ what I say from time 2time-Thnx4following! Pic:

I've got the best seat in the house I swear!!! #sandiego

 made me think of u!!

Come celebrate Birthday!  may 6th!

#tigersblood option with Hawaiian shaved ice!

She's textin!!!! lol

Booked and Mary Jane for #seedless #420 party at 4th & b on 4/20 yeahya!