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The worst ad I have seen in quite some time.

Man I'm feeling these cocaine-white Benny's! Makes me feel like I should get an R. Kelly white suit to go with em

After a long day this is all I want. Well, maybe beer. Maybe.

So this is how they're trying to get the kids these days. Check in and be saved. My hood is weird.

By the way, these came whole I was gone. (And yes, smartasses, they have mates)

Dobies theater- you weren't the best but you supported indies and we had some fun.

Cool paint job.

I have to say that I'm supremely disappointed that these signs haven't been defaced...

Tim League, my hero, is fighting Michelle Rodriguez. I will miss him. #chaosreigns #fantasticfest

OMG! Tim'd new hair! #fantasticfest

There's been some serious blows at the debates. #fantasticfest

This is what a dog and pony show looks like. #fantasticfest

Ok. This is what a reservation looks like #notbragging #fantasticfest

This is how we do a 9:45 AM flight. #flightchaosreigns

This may be the best way Ive ever seen to scam elderly people who just want to buy things for their grandchildren

So Kf has this just laying on his desk. #toxicworkenvironment #mytalentsarewasted #whydoidothis

*GASP* is this 's half-drank Vate that he just left out? #stalevitamins #comeatthekingyoubestnotmiss

Oh my god.

I have an account at the bank.

"Hey mom I'm gonna be a model!"