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Hm. Can't decide, they both look incredible.

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Tomorrow, this is happening (sort of):

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domain name not available

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this is what our record sounds like

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Gus 'Tude, the Moody Dude

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here's a Unicorns promo shot my pops took, like, 7 years ago. The blood was homemade blackberry jam:

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i touched this today:

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this soap is no joke

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mobile, alabama is on some secret society business? I think this is the cop shop.

shirt party of 3, your table is ready!

Abe Lincoln without a beard looks like Harry Dean Stanton ()

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here's a promo for my NBC dramedy airing this summer at 8/7 central. Make sure you tune in!

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mister heavenly writing session is over. it went tremendously well. I touched a moped:

now that chewie's a teenager, she's super mopey & only listens to the Smiths

in Canada, you have to be very deliberate about what socks you wear. It's illegal to wear shoes indoors.

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on Sunday at SXSW, after most people had gone home, only the true alcoholics were left:

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it was great to finally "touch thumbs" with yesterday:

me and the morning benders guy

And if you think Yale is full of an elite secret society of rich kids, think again. These people got there through hard work and lots of studying.

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