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Based on his letter to the editor today, it sounds as if sheriff petition candidate Doug Belote is calling it quits.

Here's Benny Webb's booking information:

Speaking of Sen. Leventis, he's looking a lot like Sen. Hugh Leatherman lately. Womp womp, .

Someone let an F-bomb slip onto 3C of today's edition of the . (via ) #sctweets

Current trending topics on Twitter. Awesome. #GoGamecocks

A coworker of mine made me a Simply Shameful Cake for my birthday. It's delicious. Here's the recipe:

What is this? A press release for ants?!

I also made a word cloud of Loftis' interview. Just because. #sctweets #scpol

I'm going to dress as a stereotype for Halloween.

Path of destruction.

. speaking her peace.

Standing ovation for Nikolai Setzer, Continental board executive.

Bobby Hitt espousing the joys of Sumter:

The stage is set.

Major wreck @ Lafayette and Calhoun. Look like pickup driver had to be cut out of the cab of the truck.

Airport attendant just commented on my "crazy shirt." would be proud.

At least new recruits are allowed to have a sense of humor. #MilJo

PT time with new recruits. #MilJo

We have a celebrity in our midst. One of the #MilJo attendees is married to the man who took this photo:

And here's half the group trying to look as comfortable as possible. #MilJo

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