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Android Baptism

My order got here early! I tracked it this morning and it wasn't due to arrive until Monday. #awesome

What's wrong with this picture?

This is my life right now. Wet snow. #dreadful

Just in from - The Theology of Augustine & The Mystery of God.

In light of the Pope's resignation, I'll be reading this over the next day our two & reviewing it.

It's about time I started this...

I woke up to hell on earth!

Morning reading

I was given this minister's manual tonight.

Just in for review from Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft - a crispy new NA28! Wish I was well enough to really enjoy it.

Addressing a nagging question. Gotta love those commentaries!

First book of 2013. Brian Abasciano's "Paul's Use of the Old Testament in Romans 9.1-9"

My Xmas gift from my pastor was just delivered to the job. 4 books if my wish list!!! Good ones too!

Back to normal! Had singe terrible glitch making the orgasm crash every time I opened it.

LEGO stuff is so much cooler now than when I was a kid!

I'm at one of my favorite places in the world right now!

Today's haul. Those bags contain socks, pajama pants, video games, a watch, and some gift cards, a Bible & pens.

Just in from - my prize from his giveaway: Handbook on the NT Use of the OT by G. K. Beale

My daughter's new Galaxy S3. Right now I'm watching The Avengers on it...

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