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Double underscore. The three trilogies: Indy, Star Wars, but what will be number three..?

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Through Notification Center and then it disappears from NC when the banner disappears (a good thing). Safari

47.5 metres on QWOP. I died just as I saw the first hurdle…

Hello Penny's Televison

Gemini is a pretty app. And it's also pretty nifty, too. (yes, that is one of my hard drives it's scanning.)

HAhaha, yes ! <3 TDC ! :D

One of these things is not like the other… But seriously, I can see why a lot of designs use blue, I feel super calm.

An iPhone in the Herald Sun has mostly standard apps. Oh, and Grindr too.

Orla George has a Princess Leia on Endor hairstyle. #StarWars #Oscars

Did you think I meant something more along the lines of this..?

I offing love word searches!

Got it.

Turned iTunes Match on January 1, a lot of the music I have wasn't matched. Internet usage followed accordingly.

Anyone know why my 7D has started having these lines over all my images? Other people say it's a sensor issue.

Alright, now emails are all replied to and otherwise dealt with, it's time for bed. #inboxZero #heckyes

Clint Eastwood's thoughts on gay marriage (language warning). (Found on Facebook)

Much better. #ihateFlashsomuch #itcangodieinaditch

I don't know why some people call me OCD... I guess I'll just eat some M&Ms to make myself feel better...

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