Publicist @ Harmonix or something. I do things like change diapers, play games, and rock out. Part time sock and hand model.

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My birthday is in November. Throwing that out there.

Timely updates from !

I'm going to leave this here, but I advise you don't look just because I had to while waiting for ice cream.

Check out ' Arkham City Robin, available for challenge maps as a Best Buy pre-order bonus.

Lazy butt!

Plus #FF RT : you're all dead to me

Just going to leave this here. #warinthenorth #badassbirds

I'm pretty sure Nintendo just doesn't want me using its products. (via by DSi)

Apparently, Nintendo Points cards that work for Wii and DSi don't work on the 3DS. Because that makes sense.

This is a MAN CAVE, Brad. No women allowed.

Birdseye view. Yeah, go ahead and mush that all over the place. That's cool.

So this is what eating looks like until they're, what, 20 or something?

Duke on every platform! It is a thing!

Abby watching Labyrinth, her favorite movie, with her friend!

These chips are why you upgrade to business class.

Pretty sure this old man in front of me pooped himself, so we're off to a great start here at LAX.

A blurry assed and rocking "Brass Monkey"

Wow, just got the nastiest quesadilla I've ever seen.

Car porn at Microsoft Forza 4 party. #E3

Was Ubisoft's Killer Freaks from Outer Space announced for Wii U? Because if not, then it's about to be.