Publicist @ Harmonix or something. I do things like change diapers, play games, and rock out. Part time sock and hand model.

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Got some super rad Halloween stickers from !

Pretty sure this is the menu ever.

My flight is about to board. Hurry the crap up!

Arkham City and highballs in bed with . Life is good.

Definitely bought a NOS for that Batman skin. What is wrong with me?!?!

Proud my daughter picked these up and put them on her head.

And then there was this "naughty" Ninja Turtle costume.

Oh snap!

So yeah, this Battleship movie is looking great.

Hey guys, Avatar Kinect is out, but I'm embargoed on talking about it until the 25th.


Mike Patton circa-198WTFisthisIdon'teven

Okay, no one on the Internet publish anything else today. I'm good.

Yeah, I that's four drum sticks she's got there.

You sure about this Netflix?

Dear , I miss your musk.

If you use Hulu, keep your eyes peeled for the Kinect commercial that features a bobblehead!

Back from vacation to find that the Shadows of the Damned sent me is here. He is awesome.