Publicist @ Harmonix or something. I do things like change diapers, play games, and rock out. Part time sock and hand model.

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Yay! It's holiday sticker time from !

One of Abby's Christmas gifts. We expect her to basically die when she opens it. Talking N64 Kid level reactions, guys.

Finally bought Uncharted 3. Am happy to see there isn't a twelve hours mandatory update!

The 2 crews now live in our office!

Great name for a hairdresser: the hair whisperer.

A Thanksgiving recipe for you, my followers, who I am thankful for.

Today brought in Pina Colada cupcakes. They didn't stand a chance. She wins this morning with tasty treats.

Found a bag of 144 plastic rings on the "free table" outside of our office. Happy 4th anniversary, RB!

Came into the office with a coffee, then left to meet and for a coffee. Now I have two coffees.

Tried to play Mario 3DS. Daughter saw me, said "Hold it!" until I handed it over. Now she is playing Metroid.

Video games! #videogames

Still sniffling, but looking much cuter.

Thought I'd sleep last night, but my sad, miserable, sick little girl wasn't having it. Poor thing. :(

Guys, is a saint. Pun intended. Thanks!

Egg nog seltzer via . Not bad!

Hey, , are you kidding me with this $10 taco meal? Looks like something I'd get in prison.

It's on!

Then this happened.


Setting up for the Harmonix Rock Band Halloween live stream! Spooooky microphones!