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I'm an Editor/Producer/Director by trade, your BFF by choice, Pro Wrestling fan & employee by birth. Say hello.

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Love it! RT Mergatroid Skittle.

officially inviting to come prove the skills inthe lounge live on the show.Would love to have thq here

Buy shit, sell shit, get out of Dodge, that pretty much sums it up. #blackribbons ♬ 'Black Ribbons' - Shooter Jennings & Hierophant ♪

♬ 'Blood Bros: First Blood' - Blood Bros ♪ always gets me pumped. Especially at 10:40. Greatest rcmndtion ever

I think it's about time to take my only new years resolution seriously & bring back how being "Funky" was bad ass. ♬ 'It's Funky Enough' - The D.O.C. ♪

Here's the main event right here, Punker and Y2J, not sure who I want but I'm picking The Punk Era to continue.

Ps; this is how Im watching what is so far an atrocity to wrestling that is #wrestlemania in a theatre, alone #winner

♬ 'Billie Holiday' - Warpaint ♪

Bartolo Colon's head must weigh 60lbs. God damn he's massive. #oakland #mlb

Hello MLB Season! Let's go !!! #tokyo #athletics #mlb2012

I get to drive behind this ass too just to remind me how shitty of a Sunday it's been. Thanks everyone from there.

This was the pic I sent my brother while getting cracked thanks to the warriors. Oh well. What else is new? lol???

C'mon fans. Don't give up yet, tho I'm probably the only one watching this. Bleh #careaboutmyteam #myteam

shadow makes my teeth look funny but not too shabby for a Japanese guy who took it & didn't speak english

Manny is wearing #1 as an Oakland A. 99 to 1, his odds of making the team I guess after that GDIP. Lol. #mlb

♬ 'Bad Girls' - M.I.A. ♪ my chain hits my chest... Yep yep. 7 am desert music like its the Persian Desert. 2 wheelin

Even Lily starts acting nice when she knows I'm headed out. What a jerk! Sorry Wilson face, gotta go find peace. #cats

Snake & Lily always hate it when I have to leave & make me feel bad for it. But they smell & fart and poo so eff em :)

Gonna be cold tomorrow. Goody.

Just got this pair of awesomeness in I'd been waiting to ship for a while, but now only need 1. Ahhh well. I don't re gift.