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Le chapeau du jour ...

Feelin xtra healthy @ Noodles Company

Yumminess @ Taqueria Mixteca!!!!

And the new & improved, non-stinking-up-the-place Baxter!

Baxter jus bout ready to get his bath ...

Hangin w/ sum coworkers @ J.Alans drinkin a weak drink!

Pimpin ain't easy, but neither is bein green!

I came into the breakroom 2 zap my oatmeal & got distracted by Cameron Diazs' legs on Regis! Wow! (sorry !)

Ju trashed a coworkers office - it's her bday, tho I really don't need an excuse ...

Mornin twitterverse! Gettin an early start 2day, but sum weird stuff goin on in the Dayton skyline ...

this fool thinks he's the incredible hulk ...smh @ My people

This is the kinda coonery I'm workin w/ here in Dayton ...

The son & I takin Baxter for a walk

RT : shouts to - getting my day started with mine -i'm ordering this week!

wonder if #AiyanaJones will make a cover ...

My princess made these cookies from scratch! She got mad bakin skills ... Gonna make a great wife sumday ...

RT u see anything cute and open-toed? R u kiddin me?!?!

The beauty of Riverscape @ #UrbanNights

here's my beautiful girlies