Princess Shan ^_^


Open ya eyes, imma blessing in disguise. He who is mine @DeeeeBlike, shall never be yours. #GIANTS #FSU17

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RT : NewYorkTaughtMe Until then, we can no longer be friends lol j/k. Good luck with the struggle berry

RT : Oomf is beautiful..

RT : NewYorkTaughtMe naw i aint fuckin .

RT : im offended . RT NewYorkTaughtMe: Fake ass virgins lol

RT : *Throws chair* RT NewYorkTaughtMe: Fake ass virgins lol

Lmfao RT : “NewYorkTaughtMe: DeeBlike is cute #HeyBoo” Hey :) *slides to the left*

RT : I wish my brother would hurry home so I can suck his dick.

Ummm....RT : NewYorkTaughtMe yes .

RT : Delete your fucking account RT : Raspberry flavored Simply Lemonade is pretty tasty.

RT : Smd "NewYorkTaughtMe: *3 claps* RT : No More Shirtless Avi.."

RT : America does idolize rappers RT NewYorkTaughtMe: She's

RT : you need a glass of water? RT : Every time oomf change his avi I go look. He sexy. Af

RT : Im gone Twitpic a pic of me holding my meat through my pants. The caption??? "Hold this"

RT : NewYorkTaughtMe some young boy has stolen your heart :D awwww so cute

RT : NewYorkTaughtMe

RT : My life RT : Lol, i do all the girls i talk 2 wrong

RT : Show me them titties gurl!!!

RT : Okay but the thing of it is... Malikah nor Shan can't beat me