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Comicbook writer, artist, and character, thanks to Gabriel Hardman (see avatar). I seek to make you chuckle as I download my life in words, pictures & movies..

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I KNEW it sounded familiar ! And also how'd the #vajayjay go?

In other news, the white people of NYC are showing their knees again. #andsomeblacksandAsianstoo

I am SO getting my black ass back on this train.

Van swamping in pitched fever to work. #lifesabeyotchsometimes

This drowsing toddler, in his mother's arms, is groping me. I don't know either of them.

If I'm here and you're there in the middle and I'm wearing earphones, and I hear you-YOUTOOFUKNLOUD!

Sunbeams over #Inwood. #NYC

Listening to Corinne Bailey Rae's "I Would Like To Call It Beauty" while clouds dissipate over Bway.

Another view from the new gym location.

Wait, so ... Is the paint wet here, or ... ?

Some-a some-some in honor of #rooboi #sp? #rudeboi!

OK wait. How do I get oFf this mofo? #iWASontime

COLD UP HERE! #WalkingToBrooklyn

Take THAT Mr. Forgot-His-Gym-Shorts-at-Home. #usetobeALLthewayoverthere #holyburntcaloriesBatman