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Comicbook writer, artist, and character, thanks to Gabriel Hardman (see avatar). I seek to make you chuckle as I download my life in words, pictures & movies..

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I'm sayin'.

Okay this is cute. :-D #realtrainlinesinNYC

Is it a Greek holiday today?

Study this closely. I was at the end of the 7 (purple). Trying to get to the end of the Q (yellow).

In a startling turn of events, our hero finds himself off the 7 and forced to shuttle to Flushing.

I'm sorry but I find this hard to believe.

I want to be FAR away when the creature that plugged up that drain gets sick of being poked.

So THAT'S why I'm seeing Wells Fargo kiosks all over. HAAA! TOLD YOU you'd get YOURS "Walk-Over-Ya"!

See? Even when doesn't look human, the woman is FINE.

Girllllllll you betta WORK! (Is this film #6 since January?)

O Canada!!!

Wow, okay! That IS a super moon!!

Omg I would eat this in one sitting. Okay...HAVE ... Eaten ...

I think I look homeless. I scared a white girl so bad when I came out the b'room she lost coherence.

"What big eyes you have." "That's because I'm Amanda Sigfried!" (I forgot who tweeted that 1st)

Just when I decided to get they lil free drink, they halted the line.

Only one thing I didn't like about 'Black Swan.' They made even a WOMAN'S toes look horrible. :x

Yep! We started moving again.

We're AT the station. Why can't we just get out, #MTA? Did we kill somebody? By "we" I mean "you."

, you out there?