Do you realize, we're floating in space? Knicks, Arsenal. Written stuff in Buzzfeed, Deadspin, SB Nation, The Classical, Grantland. I know, I'm surprised too.

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Milton and his nemesis, Polly the pig.

Lollar pickup/brass saddle Telecaster transplant is a resounding success.

he's a Corgi. Got him just before Christmas.

here is another of Milton and his crush Rerun

Milton sleeps on the pelts of his vanquished enemies

Looking forward to tonights Telecaster transplant surgery

Hey photoshoppers out there: Howabout you Photoshop Gallinari, Bargnani, & Bellinelli into this Jersey Shore promo pic.

how about this?

Father and son

he's doing great. Great personality. High energy and super cute.

Christmas buddies

Spend $60 (!!)
on a dog bed, he prefers a box with a towel.

Spend tons of $$ on puppy toys and his favorite is a water jug cap hung from my chair with price tags.

Also haven't tweeted much becuase of this:

Danillo Gallinari post game interview face FTW:

Gus Johnson

Nice seats

Declare you're shitty

Halloween parade NYC. My costume: lost delivery guy

They are filming Celebrity Apprentice across the street.