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Geek, Cloud Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services, armchair philosopher, cyclist & Burner. All signs of insanity expressed here are my own.

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"Not owned by Facebook" makes a funny little jab at their rivals in Camera+ 3.0.2's changelog

A cyclist's guilty pleasure is riding past miserable walkers in the rain & thinking to yourself that you're hardcore!

They've turned Peking Duck into fast food down in Adelaide. My ex-restauranter parents would call this blasphemous!

And off they go! See ya on top of Old Wallunga Hill. #TDU

& w/Adam Hansen at the Lotto car at the Congrats Andre and co. #TDU.

What other sport lets you get this close to the finish line?! 15 km to go... #TDU

Imagine the helicopter shots of our own mini Place de la Concorde if the went past this fountain! #TDU

William Clark from UniSA leading stage 2 of the ! #TDU

This is what the heat did to one of my tubes on the ride today. It blew my clincher right off the rim! #TDU

In Riverton for the first day of the . Gotta survive a 46km ride in 39C heat to see the finish #TDU

JensVoigtFact: once borrowed a child's bike to avoid abandoning a race. The #TDU has a commemorative replica

I can't tell if this piece of #TDU art is ironic or not!

Wow. 7 car pile up at Heathcote on the way North back into Sydney!

You know you're in #hipsterville when the cyclist at the cafe has hot green bartape and a purple saddle on his bike.

Hab SoSII' Quch!" (#Klingon) - Your mother has a smooth forehead ! My inner ComicBookGuy is in #nerdrage about this

"Waddawewant? Grass roots power! Whennawewantit? When the factions say!" Moir gets it spot on about the ALP in the #SMH