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Geek, Cloud Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services, armchair philosopher, cyclist & Burner. All signs of insanity expressed here are my own.

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Is trying to distract us from their complicity in the affair by promoting ? #tdf

7.5 hrs of queuing in total at #Supanova and all I got were 4 lousy autographs. j/k. STAN IS THE MAN! #Excelsior

I should know better than to pick up a #duckofdoom in a dungeon! My #Munchkin kit gets more epic. Who wants to play?

. came onstage wearing their Reflektor heads playing “Song 2” for the lulz. Take that Blur! #woohoo #BDO

To celebrate 's 1st year in Australia, we're announcing the launch of Amazon EC3: Elastic Cloud CupCake #AWS

These guys must be getting pranked a lot recently. What does the meme say? #yiff

I went shopping in a trendy Seattle mall for non-geeky clothes today. Ended up with this instead. I think I need help

"You've got a bit red on you." , did you ever imagine in your dreams of your shirts ending up in museums?!

"Seattle: Yeah it's alright." #gold

Yes, that is a boxed MagSafe adapter clogging our laptop accessory vending machine! Attempts to flush it out failed.

Don't mind me. I'm just quietly sitting here hacking the A380... trust me, I'm a professional. #famouslastwords

Not quite Qantas Premium Economy, but I just might have lucked out on the legroom this time around.

"Home, let me come home. Home is wherever I'm with you." Good morning Sydney, did you miss me?

And my parting thoughts: live your life as a traveller, not a tourist. And may the #burningman playa provide, always.

My mental state upon learning that I shall be returning shortly to an Australia where Tony Abbott is now PM. #auspol

My mental state upon learning that I shall be returning to an Australia where Tony Abbott is now PM #turnbackthevotes

Future generations will ask us: why did we repeatedly make bad movies out of video game franchises. Had we no shame?

Drink the Kool Aid, they said, it'd be fun, they said. I well & truly joined the #burningman cult being a lamplighter

Wow, even #Apple's posters are noticeably more #hipster in San Francisco. Not that you've ever heard of them before.

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