NLers: Chantal


Although internationally known as 'The Dutch', we just like to call ourselves Netherlanders. This week's Netherlander: @Zusjevanwillem (Chantal)

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Smoking area at the office I work, filthy but at least it keeps the habit alive

My girlfriend is a huge catlover, meow!

The symbol of Amsterdam are three x shaped Saint Andrew crosses.

Hahahaha I'm losing followers by the minute

Laser 3.14 on a yellow container and the final one

Padre Laser 3.14

Tax & Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14 and 2 chairs


Dead Laser 3.14

Split Laser 3.14

Another Laser 3.14

Laser 3.14 for sale

Blah Blah Blah Laser 3.14

Fucking Laser 3.14

Tiny Laser 3.14

Dreamy Laser 3.14

Crossing laser 3.14

Laser ain't trash