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Casually washing my feet while texting and BAM...15 minutes pass by, guess its just another one of those Friday nights

oh wow, that's actually disappointing...

Aweee cookie taking a nap <3

Lmfaooooo I had too. Happy birthday , best wishes and try to not get locked out of ur own car, again. <333

Lmfaooooo I'm DEAD!!!! Someone put this not on my moms windshields, we've got Jew stars hanging on the mirror thing.

I'm freaking out, is this for real? Photoshopped? A photo shoot? U2r cute, I both love and hate that

haha god bless this kid's driving -_- <3

this is wut we need plus the bleaching shit I already sent u plus prices should I get it?

Mascarading with my boob

we worked really hard on this, and all for you. Thank you for being a cutie <3 #MarryUs

& omg look wut I just found on YouTube <3 #IanSomerhalder

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